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About Us

Established in 1999, Prosperitas Trust t/a Greengold Distributors is a family-owned business that trades mainly in fruit and vegetables and other agricultural products including wine, meat, livestock and animal feed.  New branches to the business have been added and we are currently also involved with potable water and mining and agricultural chemicals. 

In June 2015 for taxation reasons, we decided to move away from the trust.  Greengold Distributors (Pty) Ltd has since been used in all our business dealings. 

Greengold Distributors has a reliable supplier base producing fruit, vegetables, and commodities on Global G.A.P. Standards.

Fruit and vegetables currently exported by Greengold Distributors originate from South Africa, Egypt, Italy, and Argentina, depending on the customer requirements and the season. Lucern originates from South Africa and is exported with all the necessary documentation. 

Chemicals originate from South Africa or are imported by us to be distributed into Africa and South Africa. 

On payment methods, we are always open for discussion and welcome all clients interested in our products to discuss this with the trader working with you. We are firm believers in the fact that there are many ways to peel an orange, which means that we try to accommodate all our customer's needs in products and payment methods. 

Please look at our range of products and contact us with what you need.

Remember, your business is as important to us as it is to you. We are sure if you work with us once, you will do so again and you will soon feel you are part of our family.

Below: Anna-marie Gericke reach her at e-mail  or whatsapp +27636846889



  Below: Jacques Gericke  reach him at his e-mail or whatsapp +27 79 0331061

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