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Due to severe drought in the Western Cape of South Africa Greengold distributors  Have looked for ways to minimize the effect of the shortage of drinking water on the local population. We have therefor secured by contract billions of liters of fresh water to be imported in bulk via deep sea ports. Unfortunately, the South African Government does not see water as an importable commodity therefore the water procured for use in the Western Cape is now available to be imported via any deep sea port.

The quality of the water is excellent and the newest test results are available for perusal.  We have only sourced from countries that do not need the water for their own population so that we are not taking from people who do not have sufficient. Our pristine sources also have no agricultural or industrial activities near them so minimum contamination can take place. Both countries that we source from consider water as their biggest asset and exporting this will enable them to better their economy.  

Water is of origin Alaska and Greenland. 

For the immediate quick solution to drought problems all over the world, please contact us  we will help you.

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